Natalie Syverson Photography
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Natalie Syverson Photography is an up and coming studio located in Yuba City, CA. Her jobs have taken her all over the Bay Area. The goal is to create new and different images for her clients. When asked about her style she states, "I try to give my clients an experience that they will remember. Today's kids don't want pictures like their parents had. They want something "cool" and unique to them." With that concept: The final goal is to make an image like NO one else has for each and every client.

Natalie Syverson is a lighting artist. Any place and any condition she can light to give the best image possible. If your session is outside in the 2pm sun or 7pm sunset she has you covered! But my event is inside! Ok not a problem at all!

Photo session fun? You better believe it! We will laugh together, ask you some fun questions, and enjoy the time together during your session.