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Cutest kids contest 2020 is coming!

Enjoy these images and make sure to go to the bottom for more info for 2020 contest!

What a fun event for the first ever Cutest kids contest 2019 was! Sessions were booked for date and time to come in for a quick 5 minute session with Natalie Syverson in her studio. Natalie connected with the kids and oh so many cute images were captured! 1 image went off to social media where many people got to share their image with family and friends. It was so fun to read the family and friends comments on their images of how big and the cuteness overload many were having. Oh the power of social media bringing people together through images!

There was a total of 3 age groups.

6 months (strong sitter) 3 years old

4 years-7years and 8 years-12 years

Voting took place over 2 weeks. Votes were tallied and then images went to my photographer group panel and voted on. Votes were put together and winners announced. Prizes were given out to those winners.

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