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These are not your typical sport images.

It's 2020 and time for a new look! Athletes are rough, tough, and cool! What kid does not want to look cool in their pictures? Well you have found the photographer that puts "cool" back into your sport images! From young kids to high school seniors I will create some awesome images of you and your sport!

I will take your sports team images to the "Extreme". If you have a team and are looking for a new look: LOOK NO MORE! Out with the platoon style team pictures and in with the new "Extreme" look.

Yuba City track and field photographer
Basketball Yuba City high school senior
Yuba City  sports photographer Natalie Syverson
Yuba City Senior, sport photography,Natalie Syverson
Softball dugout Napa
California Breeze softball
Yuba City sports photographer baseball

Honor your seniors with personalized senior banners. Every senior wants to be recognized and no better way to do it than with their own banner. Hang them up at the stadium or gym for all to see and enjoy! Banners given out at end of season banquets.

Contact me for more information: or 530.777.5034