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Yuba City sports photographer Natalie Syverson

When I have a vision of an image in mind to create GAME ON! This was a project I wanted to do and so here is the final image. Nothing more epic than to photograph a high school senior football player that is a total beast on the field. In the classroom a top notch student with many accolades. I am so honored to know this awesome kid and amazing athlete!

This image is published in the 2018 high school senior March edition Behind the Shutter international photography magazine. Seniors are in their last year of high school and top dogs in school. So why not make them look like the athletes in Sports Illustrated magazine?

So what are you waiting for? Let's make your images Epic and memorable. Natalie Syverson is the photographer to take your sport to the absolute extreme limits!

I don't have any ideas for what to do Natalie Does! We will get together and talk about what you and your sport and personality. Taking that information she will get a vision and you will be on an adventure creating it with her.

Natalie will be CREATIVE with your final image outcomes.

Getting to see how PASSIONATE Natalie is with photography while working with her.

In the end you will have a MEMORABLE image to enjoy for time to come!

Location: Yuba City, California.

Keywords: football (2), senior 2017 (2).