Natalie Syverson Photography
2016 senior hobbies
Senior guy with his gun and jeep.
High school senior and his Jeep.
Napa high school 2016 senior Kyle.
2016 Kyle high school senior. Out in Oakville,CA.

Oh the guys. Guys usually aren't excited to have senior pictures taken. However all those moms: love pictures of their boys! I enjoy photographing the guys. It is fun to get to know them and make them comfortable in front of my camera.

The guys love to be cool. It's normal. Especially the athletes. There are so many cool and new ideas out there for sport pictures today. So why settle for less than "cool" senior pictures?

I have so many creative ideas for senior pictures. Whether you play an instrument, are an athlete, or a cool kid; let me be the photographer to make your senior pictures memorable and unlike any others you have seen.