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So many feet to a family.
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Family pictures in Oakville, CA
Family pictures at Vezer winery Fairfield, CA.
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My family is my world! I try to get my family picture taken every year. These days go by so fast. You figure out when the last time you got a family picture was and it was 5 years ago! Yikes! Life changes so much in 5 years. The kids grow, family additions, you move, you have a new dog, and us parents: well we just roll through it all. I like to take time to talk with you to figure out the perfect place for your pictures to let your family shine! Either at a park, out in the vineyards, at your favorite winery, or the best place: your own home. These are some of the perfect places to create your family heirlooms.


- Where can we take our pictures?

Pretty much anywhere. If you would like your pictures at a location outside Napa city limits travel charges may apply.

- I have 6 people in my family do you charge for extra people?

Some photographers limit the number of people in a family picture or charge extra for each person over 4 people. Natalie Syverson does not believe in doing that. Your family has been blessed so make sure each family member is there to make the family whole.

- What should we wear?

Clothing can vary. Make sure everyone is wearing the same colored shirt. If one wears white everyone wears white. Try to limit busy patters. If you do have patterns; use some of those colors within the pattern and wear a solid color for compliment.

- Should I bring my pets?

Absolutely! Your pets are part of your family. They are there in your good times and bad times. No better way to remember them than to have them in your pictures!

Many other questions will be answered during your free consultation. Call to book your session: 707.227.0325